Do you have a company that has market potential, but are currently in trouble?

About us

The company A1 Hotel s.r.o. was founded in 2012. It was originally engaged in finding rentals in the field of accommodation services.

Since 2019, it has focused on taking over or working together to revitalize companies that have run into problems but have the potential to revitalize.


Electrical industry

1 client

Hotels and pensions

2 clients

Production of cosmetics

1 client

Plant growing in greenouses

1 client


Can I sell a company that has no assets but only debts ?

We are not interested in such a company, there are other companies that deal with the acquisition of indebted companies.

Can I still participate in the management of the company?

Yes, after approving the revitalization plan, the purposes of activities will be agreed and responsibilities and powers of the parties should be clearly defined.

Is the first consultation paid?

The first consultation is free of charge, after which the next steps will be agreed and it will be assessed whether the cooperation makes sense for both parties.